Tezukas received the most prestigious award in Serbia


In December of 2020, Takaharu Tezuka and Yui Tezuka were awarded with Karic Brothers 2020 Award in the category of Economics and Commerce, by the Karic Foundation in Serbia. This is one of the most prestigious awards in Serbia and Eastern Europe, awarded for 23 years in the fields of culture & arts, science & scientific research, benevolence, sports, economics & commerce, and peace between nations.

As Takaharu mentioned in the virtual ceremony, we are deeply honored to accept this award because it is not only about architecture, but it is about life. The Karic Foundation awarded this to Tezukas for their achievements in shaping the human spaces of the future, as well as for an outstanding contribution to the development and progress of modern architecture.

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3) the Bulletin of the Karic Foundation

Full article ( PDF by the Karic Foundation ):
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4) Overall Ceremony (Tezukas appear from 48:00 to 56:38)

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