Muku Nursury

The nursery school is led by the food prduction company "Hikari".
Its plan is composed by clustered and wall less bubbles of one function each, which are placed, sized and furnished according to a diagram.
The space between the volumes is generating an excellent visibility through the site and on Mount Fuji,
while the circular shapes invite the children to an instinctive and endless movement flow.

total floor area: 403.51m
constructor: Satou Kensetsu
completion: 2018.2

Asahi Kindergarten Phase2

This is the second phase of the Asahi Kindergarten.
It was built for the many children returning to the area five years after the disaster.
Since after the first phase no more big trees remained, the second phase was built with smaller trees yet keeping timber to timber joineries.

total floor area: 328.43m
constructor: Chuto
completion: 2016.11

Cathedral Grammar School

A project to revive one of New Zealand's oldest schools,
Cathedral Grammar School in Christchurch, which was destroyed by a major earthquake in 2011.
The aim is to produce architecture with a superior seismic resistance by learning from the wooden culture unique to New Zealand.
It was designed in collaboration with Andrew Barrie.

total floor area: 556.2m
completion: 2016.2

Yoshino Nursery School and Kindergarten

total floor area: 862.15m2
constructor: Kumagai Kensetsu Kogyo
completion: 2015.9

Kids Terrace

total floor area: 453.49m2
constructor: Maekawa Kensetsu
completion: 2014.7

Chigaski Zion Christian Church/Mihato Kindargarten

total floor area: 402.71m2
constructor: Satohide
completion: 2013

Asahi Kindergarten

total floor area: 287.64m2
constructor: Chuto
completion: 2012.7

Yamamotochou Fuji Kindergarten

total floor area: 376.74m2
constructor: Chuto
completion: 2012.8

Ring Around a Tree

total floor area: 146.98m2
constructor: Nichinan-Tekkou
completion: 2011

Fuji Kindergarten

A kindergarten in the shape of a oval with a perimeter of 183m,
made for 500 children. It is conceived as a single village.
The interior is an integrated space softly partitioned with furniture.
Projecting through the roof deck are three preserved zelkova trees 25m in height.

total floor area: 1,304.01m
constructor: Takenaka Corporation
completion: 2007

Visionary Arts,Tokyo

A specialist school with the theme of cuisine and dogs.
There are no columns at all in the 31-meter-wide space.
Divided as necessary with no relationships between the upper and lower levels,
it comprises layers of freedom and diversity.

total floor area: 3,609.25m
constructor: Shimizu Corporation
completion: 2005