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Tezuka Architects Tezuka Architects was established in 1994 by Takaharu and Yui Tezuka. We set out on a pursuit not just in designing architecture, but in changing the world for the better through the means of architecture; a value we hold true to this day.
Architecture is not merely an object, but holds the power to change people's lives and societies.


We design with special focuses on spaces for children. The works include "Fuji Kindergarten", which has been selected as the best school in the world by OECD and UNESCO.



Tezuka Architects have completed over 60 residential projects. Each house has been designed with care and attention, spending months on examining every detail. Designing homes is at the heart of our works, as we believe that home is the basis for every architecture. We design houses that we would like to live in ourselves. We understand that a home should not be a sculpture to be enjoyed from the outside; it must be enjoyed and be nurtured by the family through their daily lives. Through housing design, we create relationships that is for lifetime.

Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA


"Fuji Kindergarten" has been selected as the best school in the world by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. It has also received the Architectural Institute of Japan Award and the Japan Institute of Architects' awards. We believe that children are born with the ability to grow, and a well-designed environment can widely enhance their possibilities to grow stronger and smarter.
We aim to create schools where children would like to come back and visit, even when they are grown up.


A church is a place of prayer, but is also the cornerstone for the local communities. It is where church-goers spend much of their time, throughout their life.
Every person is different, and a church must be able to nourish for all those that resort to it. We seek to design churches that celebrate these differences and give forth warmth, working closely with the congregation.

Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA


The very first project for Tezuka Architects was the design of "Soejima Hospital", which received the Good Design Gold Award from METI and the Annual Architectural Design Commendations from AIJ.
We design hospitals based on the fundamental understanding that it is a space for the people, and not just for the sick. Designing a hospital involves complex insurance administrations. These policies are prone to changes every year, regardless of the actual situation of the medical field. Hospital design requires a long-term point of view, looking into at least 20 years ahead.
As seen in "Child Chemo House" - a communal hospital for families battling childhood cancer- and "Sora no Mori Clinic"- an infertility clinic within the forest environment of Okinawa- we have produced advanced medical facilities that is incorporated with unique societal concepts.

Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA


At Tezuka Architects, our scope of activities is not limited within architectural design. We challenge the social boundaries in different ways, from urban planning to inventing conceptual ideas.
In 2015, we completed "Himi Fishery Network Gallery TOTOZA". Our involvement was not only in design, but extended to producing the concept for management and operation. The project was well received, receiving Good Design Special Award for Community Development.
With our designs, we seek to bring vibrancy to the communities.

Kosuke Suzuki / Suzuki


The principle of a resort is found in human nature. It is what we call the "Nostalgic Future".With the current advances in technology, it is possible to choose any specification. An age like these requires a timeless vision that appeal to everybody.Convenience is important, but novelty is not always needed. People are seeking for peace of mind that have been lost in the tumult of modern day society.
At Tezuka Architects, we assist you in finding the Vision.

Katsuhisa Kida / FOTOTECA